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Added on 06-Jan-2005

An old story, rehashed?British pop superstar ROBBIE WILLIAMS was desperate to take FREDDIE MERCURY's place in the newly-reformed QUEEN - and was devastated to be overlooked.

After performing Queen hit WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS with the surviving members of the 70s rockers for the soundtrack of 2001 movie A KNIGHT'S TALE,

Williams was confident he stood a good chance of getting the role full-time.

But PAUL RODGERS from legendary band FREE got the nod ahead of the former TAKE THAT star.

Williams says, "I'd have killed for a chance to sing with those guys backing me.

How cool would that have been? I sang WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS for a movie soundtrack and the band said I did a good job."

Queen star JOHN DEACON says, "I don't want to be nasty, but Robbie is no Freddie Mercury. Freddie can never be replaced - and certainly not him."



Thanks to Mickyparise for additional infomration on this article.

Ed: The John Deacon quote was from around the time they recorded 'We Are The Champions'. I am not sure when the new "devestated Robbie" quote is from. But, lets face, there are few Queen fans out there that wouldn't have chosen Robbie. He is perfect for Queen. He idolises Freddie, and has a similar charisma.

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