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On Friday 24 November 2006, 17 hotel schools (ROCs) in the Netherlands are taking part in the fund-raising event ROC(K) against AIDS. Restaurant guests that evening will be eating a very special meal - 'Freddie's dinner' - exactly 15 years after Queen's legendary singer Freddie Mercury died of AIDS.In putting the menu together, the hotel schools were inspired by Freddie's favourite recipes, as described by his personal assistant Peter Freestone in the book Mister Mercury. The funds raised by the dinner will go to the Aids Fonds.

Going to Freddie's dinner

Everyone is welcome at Freddie's dinner. The website gives a list of the ROCs that are taking part. It also gives more information about the menu, the price and how to make a reservation.

Help the Aids Fonds work towards a world without AIDS

The Aids Fonds in the Netherlands helps provide care and support for those affected in any way by HIV/AIDS. Much has changed since 1991, the year that Freddie Mercury died. There are now 40 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS and 25 million people have already died of AIDS. When combination therapy was first introduced in 1996, it was the start of a new challenge. Combination therapy involves taking a daily dose of pills that inhibit the AIDS virus in the body. This helps people with HIV/AIDS to carry on with their lives. The challenge is to find ways of giving everyone with HIV and AIDS access to these anti-HIV drugs. That may sound obvious, but in developing countries only 20% of the people with AIDS are given combination therapy. The Aids Fonds is also involved in other ways in the fight against AIDS: advocacy and individual support for people living with HIV/AIDS and funding for scientific research.


Note for the editors

- For further information on Freddie's dinner, please contact coordinator Martin Huizinga on 00 31

(0)6-51322574 or send an e-mail to

- For further information on the Aids Fonds, please send an e-mail to Jan Hooiveld of the Events and Collections department:


1. Friesland College

2. Drenthe College

3. Deltion College

4. ROC Aventus


6. ROC Midden Nederland

7. Horizon College

8. ROC Nova College

9. De Mondriaan Onderwijsgroep

10. Zadkine Horeca & Toerisme

11. Albeda College

12. ROC Zeeland

13. ROC Eindhoven

14. Gilde Opleidingen

15. Arcus Opleidingen

16. ROC van Amsterdam

17. ROC Nijmegen

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