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Added on 14-Oct-2008

Consider some of the people that Queen (that's guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, minus retired bassist John Deacon) have collaborated with recently: boy band 5ive; pop car-crash Britney Spears; comedian Ben Elton.

On such a list, former Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers was always going to look good. He joined the band back in 2005, and Queen's current tour features music from The Cosmos Rocks, the trio's first proper album of material together. It won't be rivalling Another One Bites The Dust for ubiquity, but it's solid arena rock. Yes, there are painfully kitsch lyrics but, in the main, Queen have managed to move beyond Freddie Mercury's legacy with an impressively small amount of embarrassment.

Tue Oct 14, Cardiff International Arena, Mary Ann Street, Cardiff. 6.30pm, £49.50, sold out, returns only. Tel: 029 2022 4488.

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