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Added on 05-Jan-2005

Queen music is to be tought in Paul Green School of is reporting that MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine and Alice Cooper are among the prominent artists contributing to the soundtrack of "Rock School", a documentary that focuses on the Philadelphia-based Paul Green School of Rock, which teaches music to children by grouping them into bands and introducing them to the catalogs of rock and roll's musical giants. Everything from AC/DC to FRANK ZAPPA is fair game, with plenty of PINK FLOYD, BLACK SABBATH and QUEEN mixed in for good measure.

The soundtrack for the documentary will be a mix of cover songs played by the students along with the original artists.

The documentary will be screened this week at the Sundance Film Festival and then released in theaters nationwide in March. It will be distributed by New Market Films, which has distributed noted films such as "The Passion of the Christ" and "Donnie Darko".

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