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RockStar: INXS's Mig Ayesa Praises Brian May, Queen Discusses Queen Influences, Performing BoRhapMig Ayesa, the contestant from ''RockStar: INXS'' did a nice interview discussing his experiences on ''RockStar: INXS as well as his regard for, and being influenced by Queen, performing BoRhap on the talent competition, and his esteem for Brian May.

''His Mr Nice Guy image BACKFIRES''

By Jeanmarie Tan

October 07, 2005

''NICE guys and hard rockers just don't mix.''

''Just ask goody-two-shoes Rock Star: INXS contestant Mig Ayesa.''

''The Filipino-Australian singer was a fan favourite who hit bottom-three rankings based on public voting only once throughout the recently-concluded reality TV show on Star World.''

''He finished in third place, while controversial JD Fortune was picked by the members of Australian rock band INXS to be its new frontman.''

''So what caused Ayesa's downfall?''

''For one, he was just too nice, a little schmaltzy and as exciting as a bowl of milk.''

''The extremely genial Ayesa, 35, told The New Paper over the phone from Los Angeles: 'I think INXS always wanted to have a bad boy, and I play by the rules all the time.''

'There were things JD did which I thought would get him into trouble, but yet INXS thought he was great!'

''Like arrogantly going into recording and jam sessions with the band unprepared, and refusing to collaborate with fellow contestants during a songwriting clinic.''

''Even when Ayesa - who's been married to his ballet dancer wife for three years - hurled criticisms at INXS, he didn't sound the least bit catty.''

'They kept harping on the fact that I have no edge, I'm too nice.'

'I'm sorry, but I am who I am. I'm not going to pretend to be someone nasty just to play the game.'

''So outside of making host Dave Navarro cry with his moving piano-accompanied version of Baby I Love Your Way, what's the worst thing Ayesa did during his Rock Star: INXS experience?''

''He moved all of Fortune's clothes to another room as part of a practical joke.''

'''When we confessed our disappointment at his un-rock star behaviour, Ayesa desperately offered: 'Oh, I also passed out drunk on the floor, and I threw chairs in the swimming pool!'''

''Performing Bohemian Rhapsody for the finale further invoked all the over-the-top theatrics INXS wanted him to stifle. But the Queen fan who has starred in stage musicals doesn't regret his actions.''

''Weeks earlier, INXS's increasingly lukewarm reception put him on guard.''

''He said: 'From that point on when JD and Marty (Casey, the runner-up) premiered their original songs, which were very strong tracks and which INXS loved, I felt I was just playing catch-up. ''

'I knew I had lost the competition, and all I wanted was to stay till the final three.'

''Once Ayesa achieved that, he chose his swansong from Queen to 'make a statement'.''

''He said: 'The whole programme INXS was moulding me into something I wasn't, and they diminished my self-confidence.'''

''Still, Ayesa thinks nice guys do make good rockers.''

''He said: 'One of the nicest people I know is Brian May from Queen, and you can't find a more true rock star.'''

''Meanwhile, Ayesa is busy attending meetings with prospective managers, lawyers and record labels.''

''Confronted with rumours of a possible Rock Star: Queen in a second season, Ayesa broke into peals of laughter.''

'Really?! Hey, if they're looking for a new lead singer, who knows, I may audition all over again!'


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