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Added on 01-Jun-2007

WHAT would a music teacher do if a student, when asked to name three composers of classical music, nominated Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello and Joni Mitchell? In all likelihood they'd give them a tick, because far from being the exclusive realm of Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms, the world of classical music is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from the domain of commercial pop. Just take a look at this year's Queensland Orchestra season, where Herbie Hancock has just featured, Queen's greatest hits are around the corner, and the year closes with The Whitlams. A few years back, that would have seemed as improbable as the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra working with The Hilltop Hoods (yes, they are, right now), or the English National Opera presenting a new opera about ColoneThe appropriately named Queen have become classical royalty, their grandiose rock anthems and over-the-top theatricalism being ideally suited to orchestral presentation. The Queensland Orchestra is so confident of their market appeal that its tribute to Freddie Mercury and the boys in white satin will be presented in a 3000-plus seated venue.,23739,21825498-7642,00.html

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