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Added on 17-Aug-2005 Reveals Queen+Paul Rodgers ''Return Of The Champions'' Tracklisting, Paul Rodgers reports and unveils the tracklisting for Queen+Paul Rodgers' live CD of the recording taken from their Sheffield concert in the UK, ''Return Of The Champion''. While many of us Queen+Paul Rodgers fans are well aware of the songs on the live double CD, this is great news to MANY more fans out there who might not yet know the details about the CD, and generates more PR awareness that Queen (plus Paul Rodgers) are triumphantly BACK with a new album, to the worldwide audience.

''Queen+Paul Rodgers CD Tracklisting Revealed''

''The tracklisting for the live album from Queen + Paul Rodgers has been announced. It's called ''Return Of The Champions'', and the 27 songs include a mix of material from both the Queen and Paul Rodgers catalogues, including Free and Bad Company. Among the hits included on the two-CD set are ''Another One Bites The Dust,'' ''Crazy Little Thing Called Love,'' ''Feel Like Makin' Love,'' ''Can't Get Enough,'' ''Bohemian Rhapsody,'' ''All Right Now,'' and ''We Will Rock You.'' It is due September 13th, and a DVD from the same May 9th concert at the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England, should come out October 24th.''

''The album's combination of styles illustrates what Rodgers told us about the differences between how he and legendary Freddie Mercury approached their music:

[ click here to listen if you have a Backstage Pass](go to ''We do come from different places. He's classically trained, whereas I come out from blues and soul. Our writing styles are different - I tend to go for a very simple lyric with lots of space, he went for quite a wordy approach. Not to say that either one is better or worse - it's just different.''''

''The tracklisting includes:

DISC ONE - ''Reaching Out,'' ''Tie Your Mother Down,''

''I Want To Break Free,'' ''Fat Bottomed Girls,'' ''Wishing Well'', ''Another One Bites The Dust,'' ''Crazy Little Thing Called Love,'' ''Say It's Not True'', '''39,'' ''Love Of My Life,'' ''Hammer To Fall,'' ''Feel Like Makin' Love,'' ''Let There Be Drums,'' ''I'm In Love With My Car,'' ''Guitar Solo,'' and ''Last Horizon.''

DISC TWO - ''These Are The Days Of Our Lives,''

''Radio Ga Ga,'' ''Can't Get Enough,'' ''A Kind Of Magic,'' ''I Want It All,'' ''Bohemian Rhapsody,'' ''The Show Must Go On,'' ''All Right Now,'' ''We Will Rock You,'' ''We Are The Champions,'' and ''God Save The Queen.''


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