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Added on 30-Jul-2005

Rockradio News Info. On Tickets, Queen+Paul Rodgers 2 USA Gigs,CD/ reports today and tomorrow's Ticket sale of tickets for Queen+Paul Rodgers' 2 USA gigs, as well as updates regarding their live, upcoming CD/DVD releases.

''Queen tickets on sale''

''Tickets for the only two shows Queen + Paul Rodgers will do in the US in 2005 go on sale this weekend. Today (Saturday, July 30th) is the on-sale day for their October 16th show at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and tickets for the October 22nd show in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl go live Sunday (July 31st). If you don't get seats, don't worry - Rodgers and Queen are planning an extensive North American tour for next year.''

''Queen guitarist Brian May told us that it took a long time for him to accept the idea of working as Queen after frontman Freddie Mercury died in 1991:''

[ click here (go to listen if you have a Backstage Pass] ''I started to see it from the outside, in a sense, you know? It was a long grieving process, in a sense, losing Freddie, you know, and I was resistant to doing anything - I didn't even want to talk about Queen for such a long time. And then finally, you, you realize the love that is out there, and I thought, ''Well, yeah, if I was out there, I would like to see us go out and do the songs.''''

''Following the two US shows, the band will do a Japanese tour.''

''They will also release a live album called ''Return Of The Champions'' on September 13th, which they've previewed with the live cuts ''Reaching Out''/''Tie Your Mother Down'' and ''Fat Bottomed Girls.'' A concert DVD will follow on October 24th.''


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