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Added on 19-Apr-2004

In a recent Mojo interview, Roger has spoken about his distinct dislike of Lynard Skynard.Transcribe by poodle_permed (in notice board):

'Pairing the then silk-pinioned, brutally feminine Queen with the manfully bearded types of Lynyrd Skynard was not an obvious coupling. But Queen played four shows as alternating headliners with Lynyrd Skynard in Germany in 1971. Taylor remembers it well.

"What were they like? They were awful. They were Southern red-necks and they could not believe it when they saw us four caked in make-up and dressed like women. They were outraged, confused and a little frightened, because the four nancy boys were giving them quite a run for their money on-stage. In fact, there were actually people from their record company who would stand in the audience holding up banners that said things like, 'Shit!', 'Queen suck!' Things could be unbelievably petty back then- they paid people to heckle us! God, Lynyrd Skynard. They were arseholes, frankly. When they played that song 'Freebird' it seemed to go on for months. As I remember, they had three lead guitarists. Hmmm (bristling with obvious pride), well, we only seemed to need one. Absolute arseholes. Later on they had that terrible fatal plane crash, didn't they? Shouldn't speak ill of the dead... bollocks to that" '

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