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Added on 15-Aug-2002

short report - more follows soon... Just arrived back from an exhausting 8-hour soundcheck of the V10 band - (which included 5 hours waiting...). The event was at Petofi Hall (where Brian played in 1998, also home to the Hungarian Queen Fan Club), very close to "Felvonulasi square", where they will be playing tomorrow. By 13:00 pm the instruments were set up, two yellow drumkits with V10 drumskins - the unknown band started to play some Miss World songs, and it turned out that Jonathan Perkins and Peter Noone are actually members of the V10 band.... so after 5-6 Miss World "hits" they finished and went back to the hotel... Then came a long waiting, around 7:00 the band came back and started to play -AND after half an hour our Roger adn Eddie Jordan appeared... about 25 fans were there, we sat in the bar and Roger came to drink a beer with Jon Perkins. He agreed to meet us after they had finished the work. The band started to play again, this time with Roger, and we were allowed to watch (and re**** hmmm...) it. Songs included Rock'n'Roll, Heroes, and some other classic (or not so...) rock tracks. No Queen songs here. Lasted about 90 minutes, then Roger came to us, signed a lot of stuff, shook hands and gave a video message to the HQFC. Nice evening! I try to put up some pictures of the soundcheck and the show, during the weekend.

Anyone who comes tomorrow - soundcheck at the venue will be held around 2 pm! V10 show expected to start around 8 PM, but some Hungarian "stars" will be supporting - get there early...

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