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Added on 10-Jul-2000

Roger has critised the Party in the Park organisers because only 5 of the 34 acts that were there played live.From

Queen's drummer, Roger Taylor, lashed out at yesterday's Party In The Park concert calling it "a farce" because only five of the 34 acts played live.

The rocker performed with boy band Five for their cover of the Queen hit 'We Will Rock You' and slammed the organisers of the Prince's Trust bash for letting so many of the acts mime or play to backing tapes.

Taylor said: "I didn't enjoy it at all. There were only a few acts playing live and we were one of them – the rest all mimed or sang over backing tracks. It makes me so angry. I cannot understand how they allow so many acts to mime. That's not what music is about."

The drummer lambasted the event's lack of organisation as he didn't get to do a sound check before the show. He fumed: "It's ridiculous. How could you not allow one of the only bands playing live to sound check? It meant we didn't sound very good and I reckon it's a farce."

Ed: You tell them Roger!!!!

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