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Roger Taylor Highlighted/Photo At Kerrang! Awards 9/10/05 Kerrang! Magazine Just Hitting USARoger Taylor is highlighted throughout the Kerrang! Awards Cover Story/Article (since he was a presenter of the Best Single to the Foo Fighters), in the 9/10/2005 issue of ''Kerrang! Magazine'' just hitting the USA.

Page 25 Color Photo Of Roger in the middle of all of The Foo Fighters, all embracing. Caption: ''Best Single-Best Of You: Foo Fighters''

There is a timeline diary of the proceedings, arrivals of artists, awards, happenings.

Page 28 Time 18:38 ''Distinguished guest and Queen drummer Roger Taylor arrives. A surge of humble admiration ripples through the space.''

Page 34 Time 20:28 ''Queen legend Roger Taylor presents the award for ''Best Single''. Despite the impressive stock of Nightwish branded wine planted on the tables around the room, the award goes to...Foo Fighters!''

Page 34 The Award For Services To Metal: Presented To Roadrunner Records and the award was accepted on their behalf by members of both Machine Head and Max Cavalera of Soulfly.

Question to Max: ''What are you doing the rest of the night?''

Max: I'm going to try and shake Roger Taylor's hand. He's a huge hero of mine.''

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