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Roger Taylor Interview, #37 In 50 Greatest Drummers Of Rock In June 2005 Issue Classic Rock Magazine Hits USARoger Taylor gives a wonderful interview in the June 2005 Issue of Classic Rock Magazine just hitting the USA.

Page 51 In article "The 50 Greatest Drummers In Rock"

Co-written by Guest Editor, Velvet Revolver Drummer, Matt Sorum. Wonderful Multi-Tribute piece to Roger Taylor!

#37 Roger Taylor, Band: Queen, Defining Moment: Radio Ga Ga Gorgeous color photo of Roger in his glamorous 1970's period, in a silver sequined, brocade costume, shown simultaneously playing drums and singing vocals. caption ''Taylor-made: Roger is one of Sorum's faves''.

Interview: ''Roger Taylor, Talking Ga Ga''

Nice, detailed interview with Roger discussing his implementation of drums to compliment, highlight, and give color to songs, his ''playing from the heart'', his drum kit, his ''big, fat, ambient, monster drum sound'', his inspirations/influences, and what current artists he admires. Excellent in depth interview.

Article left top side bar to Roger's Interview

Ecstatically praises Queen as a multi-talented landmark band, discussing Freddie's singing and songwriting, Brian's guitar playing and songwriting, John's bass playing and songwriting...and then focuses on Roger's sterling brilliance as a drummer, songwriter, and singer.

Following the article are Matt Sorum's in depth glowing personal and artistic reflections and experiences of, with, and being inspired by Roger.

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