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Roger Taylor Major Interview August 2005 Rhythm Magazine Just Hits USA!Roger Taylor Major Interview August 2005 Rhythm Magazine Just Hits USA!

Roger Taylor is featured in a wonderful, in depth, highly reverential interview in the August 2005 Rhythm Magazine which just hit the USA. This special edition has The Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins as Guest Editor, who personally interviews Roger as well as several other Drummer Icons who inspired Hawkins.

Pay close attention to reading the entire issue and Hawkins' interviews with Phil Collins, Stewart Copeland, and Stephen Perkins...because most everywhere Hawkins gets an opportunity, throughout the entire magazine, on nearly every page, Hawkins namechecks, with ardent enthusiasm Roger Taylor!!!!

Page 5 Introduction ''Taylor Hawkins-Guest Editor, Welcome!-Having the chance to interview my drum heroes for Rhythm has been an honor....Phil Collins, Roger Taylor, Stewart Copeland, and Stephen Perkins are my biggest influences; they are the guys that turned me on to drums and inspired me to play....'' rest of Hawkins' intro is very reverential.

Pages 66, 67, 68, 69 Interview with Roger Taylor by Taylor Hawkins ''Taylor and Taylor talk Queen Rototoms and the art of playing for the song'' ''A successful tour, the ''best kit ever'', and a possible new record...with Queen out on the road again, there's a great deal for Messrs Taylor and Hawkins to catch up on''.

(also included on all 4 pages..great, gorgeous photos past and present of Roger performing live, hitting the skins at his drum kit.)

Page 67 photo Caption ''Roger Taylor inspired thousands of drummers back in Queen's heydey and continues to do so.''

This insightful, in depth interview has Roger discussing the success and his happiness to be touring with the Queen+Paul Rodgers tour, Roger's drum kit/gear, his musical influences, Roger discusses that ''I've always liked loud, powerful kits'', and his esteemed songwriting. Roger also is very reverential to Freddie discussing at one point that ''Freddie in particular wanted to hear everybody's ideas, and everything we did was very democratic'' and so Freddie strongly encouraged Roger to develop as a songwriter, as Freddie also did in encouraging Brian and John in their composing as well.

Perhaps the highlight and emphasis of what a brilliant drummer Roger is in his understanding of how rhythm colors and provides the foundation of music and in serving the song, is when he says ''Our job as a drummer is to play for the song and to compliment it in every possible way.''

Roger also discusses the pros and cons of Pro-Tools, and when Hawkins questions if there might be new recorded songs from Queen+Paul Rodgers, Roger replies, ''That's a good point and I think we probably will. I have a new studio which is working beautifully and we used it for rehearsals before the tour''. And YES!, Roger when quizzed about Queen touring America, he responds that Queen+Paul Rodgers will be touring the USA and mentions playing at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles as recommended by none other than Roger Daltry of The Who!

Page 68 Sidebar Inset Of Roger's Gear/Equipment

Page 69 ''Roger Taylor Essential Inspirations'' which are music artists and albums that most influenced Roger.

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