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A poll conducted in London has listed Roger Taylors' son Rufus Tiger as the tenth strangest name for a person.Moon Unit the 'most bizarre' name

From: From correspondents in London

November 14, 2005

FRANK Zappa's daughter Moon Unit has topped a list of celebrity offspring with the most bizarre names, according to an online poll.

Another of the US singer-songwriter's four children - Dweezil - also makes the top 10 at number seven, but there are no mentions for the ground-breaking musician's two other children: Ahmed Emuukha Rodan and Diva Muffin.

Moon Unit Zappa won out ahead of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter, Apple.

Behind them followed Misty Kyd - Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri's daughter - Blur bass guitarist Alex James' son, Geronimo, and Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily, the only daughter of the late INXS star Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates.

The survey of 2300 people was carried out by online entertainment site but found that the names of Michael Jackson's children, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II, were not "wacko" enough for the top 10.

"Rock stars have always been known for their outrageous living," said the website's international new media vice-president, Mark Yovich.

"But no amount of sex drugs and debauchery can ever be as bad as naming your offspring a peculiar name that they have to live with for the rest of their life."

Asked once why he gave his children such unusual names, Zappa reputedly said simply: "Because I wanted to."

He also considered that "Zappa" might be more of a problem than their unconventional first names.

The top 10 is:

1 Moon Unit - Frank Zappa

2 Apple - Chris Martin (Coldplay)

3 Misty Kyd - Sharleen Spiteri (Texas)

4 Geronimo - Alex James (Blur)

5 Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily - Michael Hutchence/Paula Yates

6 Dandelion - Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)

7 Dweezil - Frank Zappa

8 Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q - Bono (U2)

9 Zowie Bowie - David Bowie

10 Rufus Tiger - Roger Taylor (Queen)

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