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Added on 27-Apr-2000

An article in the Mirror, a UK Tabloid, has announced the name of Rogers newest offspring, a daughter that will be called Lola.The entire article tries to be a bit scandalous, but here you go:

Talking about babies, i hear charming queen drummer Roger Taylor has had some

bitter-sweet news in that department. The millionaire rock star was thrilled

when he learned he had become a dad for the fifth time. But his joy has been

tampered somewhat by the fact that the mother of his new daughter, former flake

model Debbie Leng, walked out on him when she was four months pregnant.

Nethertheless, the star has gone out of his way to deal with the situation as

only a super-rich rock star can.

I am told he is buying Debbie a huge house near his own mansion in

Surrey so that he can be close to his kids. The new baby has been named Lola, the nickname Madonna has given her daughter Lourdes. Roger 49, dated Debbie 32

(*both ages are wrong i'm sure*)for 11 years and they already have two children

Rufus Tiger, eight and Tiger Lily, five. The couple met in 1988 while Debbie

was filming that famous Flake ad--sitting legs akimbo in a chateau eating

chocolate while ignoring a ringing telephone. Roger was so smitten he left his

wife Dominique Beyrand for the gorgeous model after just 24 days of marriage

Thanks to Sam for the information

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