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Added on 12-Mar-2005

Rolling Stone covers Brian Honored By Queen Elizabeth/Queen Namechecked By My Chemical Romance's Gerard WayThe March 24, 2005 Issue 970 of Rolling Stone Magazine, has 2 News Briefs, Both on Page 23, covering both Brian May and Queen.

There is a photo with article of Brian being honored last week by Queen Elizabeth. The article says Headline of "Royally Clueless", quote "Queen Elizabeth has been sleeping on Britain's greatest export: rock & roll! When she met Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Brian May at a U.K. music industry reception, she had no idea who they were. "She asked Eric if he'd been playing long," says Phil Collins, also on hand. "He said, "About forty five years ma'am." Seriously, would somebody get her royal highness a copy of Zeppelin 4 and a fat spliff. Fast!: end quote from article

There is a photo right to left of Brian May, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck..all with Queen Elizabeth. On the photo is the caption quote "A Guitarist? What on earth is that?" The Queen meets Beck, Clapton, Page and May.

On the same page 23, are 3 photos of Michael Stipe, Marilyn Manson, and Gerard Way wearing paint spray painted in a stripe across their eyes. The News caption says quote "Michael Stipe is a fan of the Lone Ranger look. Marilyn Manson is just a glorious freak. But what's My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way's excuse? "It comes from Daryl Hannah's character in "Blade Runner", says Way (Pictured below right). "And at a young age, I saw Annie Lennox do that in a tribute to Queen. She really fucking meant business."

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