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Added on 27-Aug-2005

Rolling Stone Magazine's Review Of ''Killer Queen A Tribute To Queen''The September 8, issue of Rolling Stone Magazine reviews ''Killer Queen A Tribute To Queen''. While the review itself is not favorable, it is still quite noteworthy in that Rolling Stone's main problem with the record, is that Rolling Stone DEFENDS and highlights Queen VERY favorably throughout this issue, including at the end of this review, in which they take umbrage that the album does not live up to the high quality and legacy of Queen's remarkable work. Hmmmmmm Here's the review.

Page 112 Review ''Killer Queen A Tribute To Queen''-Hollywood Records By Barry Walters. Album Merits 2 Stars.

There is a color photo of the album next to a wonderful photo of Freddie, Brian, and John performing live in all their 70's majesty with Freddie in his black satin catsuit, Brian playing his Red Special, John playing Bass. Caption ''Queen in 1975: John Deacon, Freddie Mercury, Brian May (from left).

''This excuse to publicize both a bogus Las Vegas Queen musical and the upcoming ''reunion'' tour features many acts nobody but their mothers and agents care about. The Flaming Lips' ''Bohemian Rhapsody'' is faithful yet warped, and Rooney's ''Death On Two Legs'' is hella nasty, but the inclusion of Shinedown, Antigone Rising and other corporate rock dorks, insults the band's memory.''

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