News > Rumour Alert: Roger joining Duran Duran?

Added on 06-Apr-2001

In a Duran Duran mailing list, a member said that Roger was asked by the band to play drums in a forthcoming "reunion" tour, since Duran's original drummer (also called Roger Taylor) refused to rejoin the band. Queenzoner Trish Hanstock has this to note:


word in the back-office of a certain London record company is that the

DURANS have approached none other than England's OTHER superstar

pop-drummer Roger Taylor from QUEEN to round out the line-up of their

rumored reunion tour planned for next


I have approached Roger Taylor's (Queen not Duran) people and they say

"it's still just a deal-in-the-making.......Roger has made it quite

clear he has not agreed to anything YET."

Submitted by: Adriano Bosoni

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