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Added on 15-Jan-2010

I took a gamble and won big time on Amazon,com with the recently released book on Queen-The Ultimate Illustrated History of the Crown Kings of Rock, by Phil Sutclife. More than 275 pages of photos and quotes.Pictures I've never seen before. Some great ones by Peter Hince who's show of Queen photos was on last summer in London at the Proud Central Gallery.I was disappointed at how few pictures there were on display especially now when I see so many additional ones in this book. The layout is great. A mix of t-shirts and ticket stubs and sleeves and vinyls laid out on each page along with great quotes and full page stories and interviews.Lots and lots of great photos.

I'm pretty hard to please when it comes to Queen information.I have to say, (as Bri would)this book sets the scenes and follows them through with interesting information. I was completely unaware of but very glad to read for example,we always hear about how John is completely totally out of the picture now. Not quite apparently. If Brian should send John some info on a project and Deac likes the idea, they won't hear a thing from him. If he doesn't like it the reaction back is immediate. Great!

The difficult individual struggles each member had and how they dealt with it. We've all heard bits and pieces. Everything whether it was the band as a whole or the individuals appears accurate,with quotes from people you would expect to know. There is nothing disrespectful. No slamming.

Take my word for it. You won't be disappointed. Near the end, there is a great shot of Freddie at Knebworth at that very last concert August 9,1986. I can't help but wish Brian, John and Roger would go back into the studio and put together a DVD of that show.Give us our last bit of Freddie. There is a decent presentation of the involvement with Paul Rodgers.I personally had a hard time with that short period. Glad it's done.

Enjoy,it's a great read.

Submitted by: Elaine C. Crossland

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