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Added on 21-Jun-2012


Since Schools Will Rock You's inception in 2007 the initiative has been primarily focused on providing licences for schools that are only based in the UK.

Following huge demand from the USA, SWRY is looking to potentially branch out into the territory and is looking for ONE school that will fufil the same criteria that is set out for the UK. Any US based schools interested in helping us undertaking this test enterprise: 

  - must be a school

 - must only include performers under the age of 18

 - must guarantee each performance will only be in front of an audience of 350 maximum

 - must agree that production only takes place on the schools premises

The application window for registering your interest in a SWRY US licence is Monday 25th June 2012 to Monday 2nd July 2012. Any applications received before or after these days will not be considered.

The cost of the licence will be $200 (approx. £150)

We will initially only be looking to grant ONE Schools Will Rock You licence in the USA for 2013. The school will be selected by the SWRY management team and there decision will be final.

For more information please check the FAQ section of the current site at

Please note: These applications must only come from the USA, we are currently not looking to expand SWRY outside of the UK or the USA at this time.


The Schools Will Rock You Team


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