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Added on 04-Aug-2006

Sheva sings WATC at Chelsea's traditional dinnerHis big moment of his new way of life came on Saturday evening. It’s long been a Chelsea tradition that people new to the group have to perform a song at dinner. Dennis Wise used to host such events. These days the hosting is done by the unique masseur Billy McCulloch, who is a very good masseur but whose crazy entertaining style has been used as a ‘group binder’ for several years now.

John Terry revealed in Saturday’s press conference that Salamon Kalou’s singing efforts were shocking. In fact, the new striker sang Ivory Coast’s World Cup song.

Sheva had the opportunity to practice for longer. He was given more time than others. When finally he performed, knowing he would stimulate either a clap-along or have to avoid the projection of serviettes and bread rolls, he sang ‘We Are The Champions’. He got jeered and ducked projectiles. But then there were calls for more. He repeated the first line of the chorus. He ducked more jeers and projectiles. He may be required to do his turn properly again.

Andriy Shevchenko thus completed his first lesson in Chelsea and Englishness.

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