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Added on 04-Apr-2005 received this nice offer from the Hungarian Fan Club for those attending the Budapest concert.We, the Hungarian Queen fans want you to visit Queen + Paul

Rodgers's concert the 23rd April at Sportarena. That's why we thought that it is a great occassion to everyone to see the scenes of the 1986 Budapest concert: the Nepstadium, the hotel where the band lived, and some other places as well as the sights of this beautiful city.

This day will be 22nd April, one day before the concert. We offer you accomodation - they are very cheap, in youth hostels, prices from 10euros to 20 person/night. There are double rooms as well and running water, toilet, fridge in some too. (Usual room prices are very high in

hotels). We have booked some rooms so far.

Travelling: we offer you to use public transportation: prices are for example: Three-day ticket (tourist ticket): 2550 Ft (10 euros). Single ticket is: 160 Ft (0,75 Euro)

Meals are in common places: self service, prices are from 2 euros to 8/meal (several dishes).

We don't want you to pay money for us, it is our everyday life to see these sights and use these services. Our contact is Attila Raso, (English and Hungarian speaking only). E->mail is:

If you want to come and join, please inform us as soon as possible in case to book more rooms for you. Arrivings must be at least 21st April. (Altogether 3 nights you must spend in Budapest). We can meet everyone at the train stations or the airport or anywhere.

Briefly: we would like to meet some of you, help you to join the concert, get familiar with the town and the old scenes, and give our experience where to buy hard to find Queen-material. Tahnk you, friends, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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