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Added on 24-Sep-2009

Two new publications from Brian May are now available to pre-order in the Queen Online Store. These include the brand new and absolutely facinating A Village Lost and Found plus Bang! A Complete History Of The Universe which is now available in paperback for only £11.99 (a massive £5 off the cover price).

Brian May has also kindly provided the Queen Online Store with a signed copy of each book.

If you place a pre-order for either book before 22nd October you will be entered into a draw and the two winners will have their book personally signed by Brian May.

In A Village Lost and Found, the product of more than 30 years’ research, May and his co-author, photographic historian Elena Vidal, present an exhaustive study of Scenes in Our Village. The village, whose identity was lost for 150 years, was only recently rediscovered by May, in 2003, still in existence in Oxfordshire. The complete series of images is collected here for the first time in living memory, along with extensive related material, including many corresponding photographs of the village as it is today. Their research is amazingly in-depth, but the book is utterly readable, and the pictures leap into glorious 3-D, viewed in the new focusing stereoscope which May has designed and produced, to bring the stereos to life, and then fold neatly into the slip-case of the book.

Rock legend and experienced amateur astronomer Brian May joins the legendary expert Sir Patrick Moore to tell the story of the Universe from the moment time and space came into existence at the Big Bang, through to the infinite future and the ultimate fate that awaits us.


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