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Added on 19-Mar-2010

The 3rd instalment of Queen: The Singles Collections, box 3 continues the story from the mid 1980s. Ultimately, the four boxes will offer every one of Queen’s singles to have made the top 40 anywhere in the world (with the exception of ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ which is included in Vol 1 because it was the first ever single).

Queen hit singles become a virtual certainty, with the release of each successive album, each one musically a departure from the last, and, significantly, featuring compositions from all four band members. Queen is to date the only group whose members have all written No. 1 hits around the world. Box 3 includes first single ‘A’ side to be written by all 4 members of the band: ‘One Vision’.

10 out of the 14 ‘A’ sides were top 10 singles worldwide and this set contains 8 non studio album tracks.



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