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Added on 19-Mar-2009

Singstar Queen is released to day in all regions (except the UK and US) on PS2 & PS3 PAL.

UK release date is Friday 20th March and the US NTSC versions being issued later in the year on August 18th.

The tracklist is packed with the classic songs that made Queen one of the world’s favourite bands – a group so popular that they sold more than 300 million albums and had a worldwide hit musical created in their honour, We Will Rock You. Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are the Champions are there – as are Another One Bites the Dust and Don’t Stop Me Now. Whichever track is your favourite, you’ll be lining up to grab the mic and step into the trainers of the legendary Freddie Mercury to raise your living room roof.

With stellar tracks from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s (25 tracks on PS3) SingStar Queen will rock SingStars who like to go solo, SingStars who like to duet and, quite possibly, the neighbours next door when they hear your performances coming through the wall.

And – for those PS3 SingStars downloading tracks from SingStore, loads of SingStar Queen Tracks are available to download right now!


Submitted by: Queenzone Ghost

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