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Added on 21-Apr-2008

The Smoking Section got a surprise call from Queen guitarist Brian May, who phoned with cool news about his exciting new project: In September, Queen (with singer Paul Rodgers) will release their first new album in thirteen years, tentatively titled The Cosmos Rocks. Queen’s new chapter began in 2005, when May and drummer Roger Taylor teamed up with Rodgers (Bad Company and Free) for a joyously received global tour. “It was clear that if we were to go out again, we needed some new stuff,” says May. “It needed to be an ongoing, living, evolving, organic unit. This album has done that.” So, coinciding with Cosmos’ release, Queen and Rodgers will hit the road again. (Euro dates sold out in minutes — look out for U.S. dates next spring.) “It’s wonderful to know that people want to hear us out

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