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Added on 10-Aug-2005

Snowy Shaw Cites Queen As Music has a nice interview taken from ''Heavy Mettle Psychosurgery'' with Swedish drummer/songwriter Snowy Shaw discussing his latest project, a band currently going by the working title S and M, then goes on to discuss his music influences, which include Queen.

''Snowy Shaw: ''A couple of months ago I started a brand new project together with singer Mats Leven (THERION, AT VANCE, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA, TREAT, KRUX, SWEDISH EROTICA, etc.) that we're both very very excited about. So far it goes under the working title S and M.''

''It turned out we share the same influences to such an extent that it’s almost scary and working with this team we both feel is so easy going and enjoyable. Prior to this, I haven't had that good experiences co-writing with people. With most people I've worked with in the past we share common ground with a certain music style or a few couple of bands that we both like, but with Mats it's so different, we understand each other completely and can easily refer to a quite varied repetoire with everything from THE SPARKS, PLASTIC BERTRAND, ABBA, AC/DC, MANOWAR, SWEET, U2, NAZARETH, RAMMSTEIN, BOWIE, URIAH HEEP, ACCEPT, DALBELLO, CANDLEMASS, QUEEN, LAIBACH, RAINBOW, JUDAS PRIEST, GARY GLITTER and KISS, of course, among many others.''


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