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Added on 30-Sep-2002

Catherine Porter ‘Something Good’ Debut release: 30th September 2002Catherine Porter is an exhilarating new singer songwriter on Jive Records, who is set to release her stunning debut album Something Good on September 30th.

Something Good is an album, which reaffirms the old-fashioned values of songcraft and artistry. A collection of sophisticated compositions presented with honesty and conviction. A record steeped in the tradition of such singular American female singer-songwriters as Carole King, Rickie Lee Jones and Laura Nyro and which proves that even in this day and age there is still an alternative to Pop Idol.

Instead of music buried in guitars and anger, Catherine opts for a more piano-based approach. The result is a collection of classic pop tunes, laden with twenty-something humour creating a contemporary twist, which will be embraced by anyone who likes their music to have a healthy portion of melody and narrative.

Catherine’s debut single She’s So Cool kicks of the record with true force, a wry slice of melodic pop which encapsulates the vibe of the entire album; uplifting with cheeky idiosyncrasies. It tells the story of 'Kitty' and the casting off of her old suburban life in favour of bars, toyboys & new-found friends.

Something Good was written for the new film Plots With A View, starring Christopher Walken, Brenda Blethen and Alfred Molina. “We actually wrote the song before we saw the film,” Catherine recalls. “Yet somehow it fitted perfectly. We thought we might have to revise it after we’d been to the screening but in the end we didn’t have to change a word.”

Talkin’ To The Fish was written as a post-September 11 song - and yet one with a difference. “Even as a New Yorker I didn’t feel I could write an ‘I’ll keep a candle lit for you’ type song,” Catherine explains. “But I was sitting there staring at my fish tank thinking ‘wouldn’t it be great just to be swimming round in a bowl like that? Aren’t they lucky they don’t know?’ In that moment I would have traded places with them. That’s what the song’s about.”

It Ain’t Rocket Science was conceived as an exercise in writing a song around a phrase. “I surprised myself because I didn’t know I could write like that. I think there are several different facets of me on the record. There’s the complicated, lyrical me. And then there’s the girl who just wants to sing a pretty song and have people be touched by it,” she says.

She also wanted to include a handful of covers as signposts to where she’s coming from musically. “I’d always loved Janis Ian and used to sing one of her songs in college,” she recalls. “At Seventeen is just one of my all-time favourites.” Carole King is another long-time heroine, although she first came across her ‘Some Of Your Lovin’’ on a Dusty Springfield album.

In all it all adds up to an album of classic songs to restore our musical faith, and heaven knows, in an era when so much popular music has never seemed more disposable, we need artists likes Catherine Porter more than ever.

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