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Added on 30-Aug-2006

A letter sent out by Panzer-Davis productions regarding the new Highlander film.Fans:

Quick update from London where Highlander: The Source is conducting its post production activities.

The sound mix started August 7th, 2006, under the supervision of Executive Producer B.J. Rack and Director Bret Leonard.

After all the tremendous effort expended by the hundreds of people connected with the show, it is very exciting to see the various elements coming together in the final mix. The music composed by Georje Kalis is tremendous ? full, melodic and powerful.

And we are delighted to report that the music for the film will include coverage of Princess of the Universe and Who Wants to Live Forever, two Highlander classics.

Queen was delighted by the contemporary rendition of these tunes.

It is anticipated that the film will be delivered to Lionsgate late September, 2006.

At that time Lionsgate will hold research screenings as part of the fine tuning process.

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