News > Statue of late Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury erected in Shinjuku

Added on 18-Apr-2005

The silver statue, supported by a steel frame, will remain at the theater until the end of August, to coincide with a musical titled "We Will Rock You," named after one of Queen's hit songs, at the theater.The statue of Freddie Mercury stands against a wall in the Koma Theater in Tokyo's Shinjuku-ku on Sunday.The statue, which stands 3 meters high, was placed in the Shinjuku Koma Theater in Shinjuku-ku's Kabukicho entertainment district by the Kabukicho Renaissance promotion council on Sunday. The council is working to improve Kabukicho's image.

Shinjuku-ku officials have praised the musical, saying the image of a stirring song is perfect as momentum is gained in the crackdown on adult entertainment stores in the district.

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