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Added on 12-Jul-2001

On the WWF broadcast wrestling show Smackdown! on July 12th, 2001, the main star of the show Stone Cold Steve Austin, who gained popularity with his Austin 3:16 phrases was featured in a small segment singing a small bit of 'We Are the Champions'What he said is paraphrased below:

"Hey (Vince McMahon), remember that band Queen back in the 70's and 80's? Here's a song that might cheer you up!"

"I am the Chaaaaaammmmpiiiooooon..... my friend!

And I'll keep on fightiiiiiiiing.... till the end!

I am the champion

I am the champion

no time for losing

cuz i am the champion...."

he then is cut off around that time.

Submitted by: Andy Tsang

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