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Story Behind Queen's 2 #1 USA Hits CLTCL, AOBTD In Billboard Book Of #1 HitsThe stories behind Queen's 2 #1 USA Hits are in the incredibly informative and wonderful book, "The Billboard Book Of Number 1 Hits Updated and Expanded 5th Edition", "The Inside Story Behind Every Number One Single On Billboard's Hot 100 From 1955 To The Present" By Fred Bronson Published By Billboard Books

Page 522 "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" with a great photo of Queen. Amazingly Insightful & Adorable Synopsis with an in depth very affectionate interview with and by Freddie. "Where did Freddie Mercury write Queen's first number 1 hit?" "I wrote the song languishing in my bath at the Munich Hilton," "he reveals. Leaping from the tub, Mercury ran to his guitar and piano, which he used to set down the melody. After Mercury played the music for lead guitarist Brian May, bass guitarist John Deacon, and drummer Roger Taylor in the studio, the band recorded the song with just a few quick run-throughs. For the first time on a Queen album, Mercury played guitar rather than just singing."

"Freddie describes the process:" "We arranged the song at band rehearsals the following day with me trying to play rhythm guitar. Everyone loved it so we recorded it. The...finished version sounded like the bathroom version. It's not typical of my work, but that's because nothing is typical of my work". "says the man who lists Jimi Hendrix and Liza Minelli as his main influences". Continues with biography of Queen, more story behind the song, MORE interview with Freddie, and finishes up with this lovely statement from Freddie. "Five years after it was a hit, Mercury said of CLTCL, "I love it now as I did then, but it's easy to love the things that bring you money. I'm a loving person. Love was the inspiration for the song."

Page 531 Story Behind AOBTD with nice photo of Queen. More Biography of the band and story of how this song became their biggest charting USA hit.

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