News > Styx to play two Queen songs at the Superbowl

Added on 21-Jan-2003

Styx Will Play We are the Champions and We Will Rock You on this years SuperBowl(XXXVII edition)!This band, that are featured to play on this event along with Bon Jovi,Santana whit Michelle Branch,Beyoncé Knowles,Celine Dion and others will play sports favorites Queen songs.

According to one member of the band "We're scheduled to perform right after Santana and we'll be doing a medley of 2 of the greatest sports songs ever written, Queen's "We WIll Rock You" and "We Are The Champions." Wait until you hear this! It's ironic because ever since Lawrence Gowan joined the band and we goofed around with "We Are The Champions" in rehearsal one day, we have always wished there would be an opportunity to play it for fans. We are keeping true to Queen's version but we can't help but sounding like ourselves too. Although it's a shortened version of the two songs it's got a lot of bang for the buck. ".

So Queen will be there, not being...


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