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Added on 02-Jul-2010

Next Sunday, at Manifesto Rock Bar, we have the presence of Marcio Sanches and his friends, playing several songs and Queen, of course. So, who do not want to stay home, watching TV, should appear there, as well as enjoy the talent of Marcio, you can eat cake, helping to extinguish the candles and still win big prizes .. because we have a Quiz pros fans, collectors and also pros and consumers on duty, some articles of the band, with precinhos comrades.

Marcio Sanches also told us that some surprises could be drawn to the fa Marcio Sanches presents itself with its new project on Sunday in Sao Paulo. The guitarist will be accompanied by GlĂȘnio Salerno (drums, vocals), Adauto Lee (vocals) and Sandro de Lunna (bass, vocals). They will do a mix of original compositions and his copyright influĂȘncias.Do side of the repertoire, songs like 'Carnival', 'You', 'Real Miracle', and side cover, Classic Queen, Dio, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne , Black Sabbath and other "bands that shaped my style," says the show's guitarrista.O Marcio Sanches And Friends will also have a special guest conductor Alexey Kurkdjian (violin, vocals) and will also celebrate the tenth anniversary of the site QueenBrazil. com. "It will be a very special day," Sanchez concluded.

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