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Added on 13-May-2007

The sound of one of the world's most popular bands will fill Colne Muni with One Night of Queen on May 17. We spoke to former Stars In Their Eyes winner Gary Mullen, lead singer in the show. WHAT LED YOU TO AUDITION FOR STARS IN THEIR EYES, THE MOVE THAT LAUNCHED YOUR CAREER? My mum and wife filled in the application and sent it away without my knowledge. The first I knew of it was when I got a call from the show asking me to go down and audition. I have always been a big Queen fan and would sing Queen's songs in my local karaoke bar. People used to say I sounded like Freddie Mercury, but that was just my own voice. I didn't try to sound like him. TELL US ABOUT YOUR LIFE BEFORE ONE NIGHT OF QUEEN. Before One Night of Queen I was a salesman, selling computers over the phone at C

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