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Added on 25-Nov-2009

Every once in a while something happens that brings a band back to the surface, makes us reevaluate them and prompts us to scratch our heads and wonder, "Why now?" Take Queen. Their influence is all over Adam Lambert's new album, from the production and layered vocals to Lambert's slicked-back leather-boy look. This week the Muppets' version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" went wonderfully viral. The entire emo movement looks, in hindsight, like one big Queen ripoff. And then there's the publication of the definitive Queen biography, which West Coast Sound's Siran Babayan wrote about last week.

Critics have long lambasted Queen. The Rolling Stone and Creem mag posses were notoriously dismissive of the British band's output during the band's heyday, even though the four-piece were one of the only of the 1970s glam movement to actually cross over and achieve international fame.

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