News > The Muppets lovingly destroy Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody – everyone wins

Added on 24-Nov-2009

It’s almost two decades since Freddie Mercury died but Queen still keep going. There’s another compilation CD in the shops just in time for Christmas but boy do they know how to sell it. The surviving members of the group popped up on The X Factor the other week to do some middle-aged mentoring to the thrusting young singing hopefuls who duly repaid them by covering some classic Queen hits.

Then there’s this. Said to be a Thanksgiving gift to the world from The Jim Henson Company, it’s the Muppets, performing a sensational cover version of Bohemian Rhapsody. It’ll go viral all over the world, everyone will be reminded of the original, and the tills will keep on ker-ching-ing as Queen CDs fly out of the shops.

Won’t do the sale of Muppets merchandise any harm either…

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