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Added on 10-Apr-2002

Finally! A Review of a DTS Queen Song By A Fan instead of some magazine or website :-) Although I already had the sample DTS DVD from that Japanese Magazine in my house for more than a month, it wasn't untill today that I was able to listen to "The Prophet's Song" in full DTS on 6 speakers.

I bought a set of 6 speakers today, installed them simply for the time being, threw the disc in my dvd-player, sat down on my couch and let the music fall over me....

Starting with the wind .... I had to set the volume a bit louder to hear it, wind.... going from left to right in front of me, behind me on the left, than right, going all around me... than the intro of the song started... acoustic guitars (and harps?) right front, left back... it was strange and amazing to hear them around me!

Freddie's voice multiple overdubbed coming from the speakers in from of me... the heavy guitar kicking in over the subwoofer.... (oops... my neigbours wont like this! heheh )....

Behind me only Brian's and Roger's voice in choir... little piece of guitar coming from all directions, 1 by 1, a little solo or "pling" in the front... another in the back..

Freddie's voice keeps going on in front of me... all VERY clear in sound...

Roger's Drums clear and kicking like I never heard before! I was in fact visualizing him in front of me hitting his drumkit HARD....! Then the "canon part" in the middle started.... voices all around me! S..I..M..P..L.Y AMAZING!!!!

I turned up the volume to hear it better.... then after that SUPER expierience the rock part starts.... UGH! Guitar hits me hard! WOW! I lower the volume (erm.. the dynamics... huh... bad for the neighbours indeed! )

The song goes on until the piano part that goes into "love of my life", though that song is not on the disc, only "the prophets song" is provided. Also the piano sound extremely clear.

In DTS format you can clearly hear separate things in a song, like the little guitar parts, voices and piano, the music is presented in a way that it will make you notice all these little things the band put into the song, you will hear it much better than in normal stereo sound!

I just cant wait till the ANATO DVD is delivered by the post!!!

If you got a DTS system at home, I RECOMMEND 1000% to buy this DVD because it will give you the ultimate Queen experience!

To Brian,Roy Thomas Baker and those 2 other studio-guys : THANK YOU for remixing this!!!! You've done an EXCELLENT job!!!

Freddie, Netherlands

Submitted by: proton

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