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Added on 21-May-2004

On the last two episodes of the HBO series The Sopranos - arguably the best episodic drama on cable television in the United States alongside Six Feet Under & The L Word - "We Are The Champions" can be heard as a ringtone (hehe) on the cell phone of Steve Buscemi’s character, the cousin of Tony Soprano who is currently walking on thin ice by playing both sides of the paranoid and increasingly vulnerable power structure of the east coast mob world. Clearly we don't get much Queen related news here in the states. The latest exposure the general public has gotten lately is a Jaguar commercial playing "I'm In Love With My Car" in the background over stock footage of cars driving down the road leftover from other Jaguar commercial shoots. But it could be worse, American audiences could be bombarded several times a day with "We Are The Champions" being played in the background of a Viagra commercial thereby prompting potential fans to associate Queen with aged, flaccid penises whenever they hear the song. Thank goodness they finally released the long awaited box set so their legacy will be secured by their music and not an anti-impotence drug.

Oh…wait.…never mind.

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