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Fashion or not, the fact is that in recent years have increasingly been the groups that advertise their meetings. Some cases were a great success, as evidenced the last tour of The Police, others were surrounded in controversy, as happened with The Doors. For this year are already confirmed new meetings, some expected

Recent years have not been sparse in meetings of bands. Are more and more artists to from year to year, which will herald a return to try their luck with their partners in other times, is to record a new song, an album, making a tour or just give a concert by a noble cause. The year has barely started and already a number of groups confirmed their meetings, including the Blur, The Kinks, The Faces, Ultravox, The Specials, Blancmange, The Jacksons, Magazine and No Doubt. And Roxy Music, which recently got together to give concerts, this year should record a new album with Brian Eno, one of the founders. These names, there are other more that have been constant rumors in recent months.

Is fashion? New routine? The truth is that in recent years, turned the spotlight as the group Culture Club, Bauhaus, Yazoo, Blondie, Roxy Music, Rage Against the Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Doors or Queen.

In 2007 The Police wanted to commemorate the 30 years of their training and started a long world tour, 21 years after the announcement of their separation. The tour ended up becoming one of the most profitable ever, with earnings of around 245 million euros. Despite the profit of The Police, others have not had the same luck. In 2003 Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger, founding members of The Doors, started a world tour, in the company of Ian Astbury (of The Cult), under the name The Doors 21st Century. However the parents of Jim Morrison and the original drummer of the group did not like the idea and started legal proceedings against Manzarek and Krieger, who were forced to pay 3.5 million euros and operate under the name Riders on the Storm, the title of a the most famous songs of The Doors.

Already Brian May and Roger Taylor, founder of the Queen, on a meeting, even without the lead singer Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991. In 2004 began a tour with Paul Rodgers to replace Mercury last year and came to edit a disc of originals.

Also the boy and girl bands have focused in recent years in its meetings. The Spice Girls was one of the most media. Started a world tour at the end of 2007, in time to promote a Greatest Hits, which had two themes unpublished. But the meeting has come around. The same has not happened with Take That, which broke off in 1996, well after the exit of Robbie Williams. In 2006 returned the discs and concerts, even without Williams, and success came back to beat them at the door, having sold 2.5 million copies with the disk of return. And last year edited a successor.

Another example of a band that has constantly meeting are The Who. In 1983 announced their separation, but since then have been joined for sporadic concerts, and announced a tour this year in Australia. The same has happened with the Madness, which every year gather for a concert special, this year with promised new disc.

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