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The Times Prominently Features Brian May Being Awarded CBEThe June 11, 2005 issue of London's "The Times" newspaper featured an in depth article and a complete list, chronicalling all of the people awarded honors by Queen Elizabeth in her Birthday Honours Awards. Included, was a glowing, highly reverential discussion of Brian May being awarded the title of CBE.

Page 6 Article By Jack Malven, Arts Reporter with a headline


"Guitar greats are honoured for worldwide aid efforts"

"THE QUEEN will have her second chance to become acquainted with members of the rock aristocracy after a pair of guitarists she failed to recognise were included in her Birthday Honours lists."

"Brian May, of the rock group Queen, and Jimmy Page, a founder member of Led Zeppelin, are admired the world over for their skill with the guitar, but Her Majesty seemed unaware of their fame when she met them in March. "And what do you do?" she asked the guitarists, who had been invited to the Palace along with Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck."

"May, who is appointed CBE, said: "I feel very grateful for the recognition. It is not something I have ever sought. The first thing that comes into your head is that you wish your mum and dad were there to enjoy it. But I am happy that my wife and kids will be able to enjoy it too."

"The guitarist, speaking from Tromso in Norway, where he had been (actually was that very day) performing in a concert to raise money to combat AIDS in South Africa, said that he was touched that friends had campaigned for him to be honoured."

Page 6

Glorious photo of Brian looking wonderfully regal and majestic, playing "God Save The Queen" atop the roof of Buckingham Palace during the Queen's Golden Jubilee with caption:

"Brian May, the guitarist with Queen, is appointed CBE."

Page 80

From the complete list of all the Queen's Birthday Award Honorees. "Dr. Brian May. Composer, guitarist, and singer, services to music industry."

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