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Added on 03-Jul-2001

Tim Staffell, former singer with Smile, the band that became Queen, is to record an album of original compositions including a reworking of a Smile track."I am doing this primarily for my own reasons; that is, I just want to make the best possible attempt to record a quantity of my own material. The album will be a mix of styles, and at the moment, the personnel list is as follows:

Andrew Staffell: Drums

Richard Lightman: Bass & Guitar

Chris Smith: Keyboards & Guitar (Also in Smile for a time...)

Me: Bass & Guitar

John Webster: Guitar

Peter Hammerton: Guitar

This is just the core. There will be others, to be announced later."

No decision has been made in which Smile track to rework. You can vote for a particular track at and the results will be passed onto Tim.

To vote, check out the bottom right hand corner of the front page of

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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