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Added on 08-Sep-2003

Tony Vincent who plays Galileo Figaro in the London WWRY musical has sent this newsletter to his fans: greetings and blessings from back on uk soil!

many of you on this side of the pond have been aware that i was out of the show (WWRY) for nearly two months due to some preventive surgery on my left vocal fold/chord. a fantastic surgeon in london performed the operation at the end of june, and then i returned to new york city to remain under the care of my ENT as well as a highly regarded voice specialist. the surgery went very well, and although the healing process took somewhat longer than i’d hoped for, all is well, thank the LORD, and i was able to return to the dominion theatre monday night of last week.

at first, i was reluctant to attempt singing the amount of music and intensity of the material in the show. you see, up until my return to the show, my time spent with my speech therapist in nyc was nearly all dedicated to re-learning how to simply speak properly without putting excess strain on the vocal chords. that had to be done in order for me to even begin testing my voice again. so, i returned to london without much singing at all...

after studying the script over the weekend and a two-hour rehearsal monday afternoon, i became painfully concerned about the number of details in the show that i simply couldn’t remember—blocking, dialog, so many details—and I was scheduled to go on that same night.

fortunately, i’m very blessed to have a special group of people who have committed to pray for me. so, after rehearsal, i shot off a quick prayer request by email and then spent some serious time in prayer myself—completely realizing that there was no way i could do this show without God doing something very supernatural. i knew I could not do it on my own (i never can), and that—i needed God in a major way.

i write this message to you all so that you may, too, be encouraged. for when it was my turn for my entrance, i felt like i was scooped up and that my feet never touched the ground. i was filled with something that i can’t honestly articulate. gaps in the show that i had completely forgotten came back to me without my even having to think about them. dialog and blocking seemed to simply... happen! the reason that i have no choice but to share this with you all is because this was a day that i will never forget and i want you all to hear how it impacted my heart and my soul. God moved in such a major way i have to give Him every bit of the credit. yes, i have been given talents by Him as well as the freedom to use them any way i choose... but, after knowing that i could simply not do this on my own and, thus, had no choice but to completely depend on him, my soul was filled in a major way as he carried me through—when the burden seemed its heaviest.

my time in the states was very precious and a great time of rejuvenation. my time here—this time—has been a spiritual revitalization in a very, very real way. so, thanks to all of you who sent get well cards, beautiful flowers and words of encouragement. all were so warmly received and each was a very encouraging “welcome back” to me.

now, i just want to answer two questions that keep coming up via this web site or via post.

• my last performance with WWRY will be at 7:30pm on saturday, november 15, 2003.

• you CAN order my music from this site and have it shipped world-wide. (visit the store section )

finally, i’ve just been notified that i will be performing along with the cast of WWRY at this year’s TOTALLY LONDON - COVENT GARDEN FESTIVAL. (“...from celebrity ‘shop assistance’ to great food, street performance to crafts, the packed programme from 7 september to 14 september has something for everyone”—or so the promotion site claims.) we’ll be performing at 4pm. the massive festival organized by the mayor of london is a week chock full of performing artists, television, film and theatre celebrities who will be donating their time for charity. for more information check out the TOTALLY LONDON site.

in closing, it’s great to be back at the d

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