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Added on 10-Aug-2008

The Free record Shop website published the track list of the upcoming album "The Cosmos Rocks" which can be pre-ordered:

01 Time To Shine

02 Still Burnin'

03 Surf's Up&School's Out!

04 We Believe

05 C-lebrity

06 Say It's Not True

07 Call Me

08 Cosmos Rockin'

09 Small

10 Warboys

11 Some Things That Glitter

12 Voodoo

13 Through The Night

14 small reprise

They also offer a CD+DVD edition featuring tracks from the 2005 Japan tour on DVD;pgid=_iOOGY31S5NSR0s8Alq9O6jR0000Rft4LX2z;sid=RhJTVFRGdUBcVBzY5_3WVqlM8zyRIuFohGQ=?action=search&layout=sample1&fh_search=Queen+%2B+Paul+Rodgers&searchcategory=categories%253C%7Bfrs_01%7D&x=18&y=9

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