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Added on 17-Apr-2008

By BEN BURR In honor of LGBT Awareness Month, today’s track is Queen’s no-holds-barred anthem of unbridled freedom. Queen front-man Freddie Mercury was an LGBT icon in a time when fear and misunderstanding about the then-unconventional lifestyle plagued the country. In spite of this, Mercury was openly homosexual and his success leading Queen into history is inseparable from that.

The lyrics to “Don’t Stop Me Now” read like a fantastic and outrageous adventure. Mercury is a “racing car passing by,” “rocket ship on [his] way to Mars” and a “sex machine, ready to reload.”

This is the real deal, folks. Whatever the experience in question, from something as simple as shifting into fifth gear on your ten-speed for the first time of the spring to something as powerful as romance between any genders, it should make you feel like a “tiger defying the laws of gravity.”

So get outside and rock. And if you see someone else havin’ a good time, don’t stop them! Go make a “supersonic man” (or woman) out of somebody!

From the album ‘Jazz’ (1978).

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