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Added on 13-Feb-2005

The leader of the spanish band of celt rock made reference to Queen in a Interview about the Yesterday we interview to Angel of Holy Land and speak about his appearance in the TV's special one where there were appearing artists of the first line of other styles and we think that it is very good.

Txus: - Good not, fantastic. A pity that with Tierra Santa, don't be Saratoga, Warcry or Dark Moor, I that, any group, it is good, Fuck!. I would like in all forms, there if that the people are unjust because everything is excused to Saratoga a bit because you say that they are criticized but being not even the half of what criticizes us to us, nor half. What Saratoga has made it seems to me to be very brave and with two testicles but, Mägo de Oz is a group not so Heavy as Saratoga. What has made Saratoga is the bomb and I do not see the critiques, everything is nice, well. Thereabouts I have heard Leo's declarations saying that what he likes is the way of singing of Mónica Naranjo and of Nino Bravo and such. I say it and they kill me, but well.

* Since you do not say it. (Laughs)

Txus: Listen to Me, I do not say it first because to my when they ask me about Mägo de Oz I try to answer that they should have to see with the Rock and with the Heavy but if they ask Txus as person I can say to you that I like up to Enrique and Ana if I want, but when I am speaking about Mägo de Oz I speak about the Universe that is Mägo de Oz.

Mägo de Oz is a group that has flirted from his beginning with any musical style, be call a Celt, charlestón in "Domingo de Gramos", Hard Rock be call, be call Heavy Metal, I have done of everything, then I can flirt with any taste because I am never going to be an unfaithful person to a fans because Mägo de Oz from his beginning we have been neither Manowar, nor Saratoga, we have been more a type QUEEN, have done what gives us the desire.

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