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Added on 05-Dec-1999

The official press statement by Parlophone Records regarding this release.This classic collaboration with David Bowie started life at a jam session at Mountain Studios in, Montreux,, Switzerland. Built around John Deacon"s unforgettable bassline and a wonderful duet between David Bowie and Freddie Mercury,, Under Pressure became an instant No,l on its release in 1981, The song has since been covered by numerous artists., most notably Vanilla Ice,, become one of the most recognised rifts of the past two decades, and,, coincidentally,, is currently featured prominently in the new Gap commercial currently running in cinemas and on television,

The 1999 "Rah" version features fresh recording work by Queen members Roger Taylor, Brian- May and John Deacon and has been especially remixed for this release. Released in 2 CD formats, the first includes a new Mike Spencer mix of the song, together with a 'Knebworth Mix, Queen"s last live performance of the song with Freddie, at Knebworth,, 1986,

CD2 features the longer "Rah" mix as fvatured on Queen + Greatest Hits III, along with Bohemian Rhapsody, recently voted Song of the Millenium in HMV"s Nationwide music poll, and the perennial favourite, 7hank Godlt's Chlistmas.

The single is also released on tape cassette and as a limited edition 7"' vinyl picture disc.

The groundbreaking video for Under Pressure (Rah Mix) brings together for the first time ever Freddie Mercury and David Bowie performing the song. Although the two artists never actually appeared on the same stage together, advanced video technology makes you believe otherwise, How it was done is shown on unique footage included in the enhanced CDI,, together with segments of the video.

Queen + David Bowie Under Pressure. Padophone. December 6,1999 is Available in 4 formats:


Under Pressure (Rah Mix) Radio Edit. - Queen + David Bowie

Under Pressure (Mike Spencer Mix) - Queen + David Bovvie

Under Pressure (Knebvvorth Mix) - Queen


Under Pressure (Rah Mix). Album version - Queen + David Bowie

Bohemian Rhapsody (Song of the Millennium) - Queen

Thank God Its Christmas - Queen

Tape Cassette TCQUEEN28

Track listing as per CD2

7"' Vinyl QUEENPD8

Side One - Under Pressure (Rah Mix) - Queen + David Bowie

Side Two - Bohemian Rhapsody (Song of the Millennium) - Queen

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