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Added on 17-May-2005

Make sure you book for this great event.This came through from BreakThru 2005:

Your ability to save some money is down to the wire with Breakthru2005!!!!

You only have 4 days left to save some money by registering early for Breakthru 2005. As of May 20th the discount is no more. So don't delay any further or you'll only have yourself to blame!!!!!

We must have your online registration by May 19th or it must be postmarked by May 19th to take advantage of this bargain. May 20th onward the cost of attending Breakthru2005 will be $80.00.

We also are announcing this years costume theme is "Queen in the 80's". That can be movie related, video related, tour related, music related, we are sure you get the picture. So be creative!

Oh and one last thing. As a greeting to the throng of incoming Queen fans to Breakthru2005 there is going to be a major Queen radio marathon going on!! Queen: The Show Must Go On showcased by WBWC Radio 88.3FM The Sting.


That is it for now! Get those registrations in people!

More later


Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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