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Added on 25-May-2003

21st May Dutch multi-tatented artist Valensia released in Japan his own Queen tribute album.Before listening I read the booklet and on the fist page Valensia explains

that after making a close to

the original version of Borap he started to make other close replica's of Queen songs, but instead of

keeping them all close to the original or altering them completely into

Valensian versions, he reshaped

them with the idea in mind what the song would have sounded like if it was

written earlier or later or

other descisions would have been made during the making of the original


The first 3 songs of the album sound frightening close to the real thing


1 - Sheer Heart Attack, 2 - Man From Manhattan , 3 - Bohemian Rhapsody

And then to imagine that this album was made solely by 1 man: Valensia only

supported by his brother

David on drum!!! Vocal Harmonies, paino, bass-guitar, electric guitar etc

etc, ALL done by Valensia!

4th track is Polar Bear, I think this song is even better that the original!

There's more melody and ofcourse

the lead vocals are better, in the early days Tim Staffel was not such a

good singer... :-)

Valensia can sing high, as high as Freddie, but also as high as Roger Taylor

which you can hear very clearly in Borap!

5 - I'm In Love With My Car , quite different from the original, very

interesting to hear. Keep an open mind with

these altered songs, they were made not to scr** up Queen music but to show

the music from a different angle.

6 - We Will Rock You , also altered a bit, the rithm is different and the

most altered bit of this track

7 - Liar , not the whole song as the original, but quite good done and

fairly close to the original in terms of lyrics and music.

8 - Dear Friends , a nice done version, no alterations in this one

9 - All The Young Dudes , a bit altered, but nice version. Though I wonder

why this one was included.

10 - Killer Queen , quite different, changing tempo's from slow to fast, but

the basic is the same and the harmonic choires are beautifull.

11 - Love of my Life , bit altered but not much, the arcoustic guitar part

has also chords giving the song a bit more happy mood.

12 My Fairy King , amazing version! Done very well! Different ending, very


A Queen tribute album does not always have to contain excact copies of the

original songs. Queen fans are very critical when it

comes to cover albums. But if you have an open mind than you will love this


Valensia is a very multi-talented artist and he has done a fabulous job!

From 1 to 10, 10 being best, this cover album

deserves a 9. Recommended!

(ps. the album is only for sale in Japan at the moment)

Greetings, Freddie

Submitted by: proton

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